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Did you know there are programs that can help you stay in your home?

Situations happen that are sometimes out of our control

This can leave you frustrated and feeling helpless. Here at Home Believers we want to help you eliminate some of that stress and give you options to avoid foreclosure.

Take Back Control

Did you know there are programs to help homeowners that have fallen behind on their mortgage payments? Yes there are! We here at Home Believers want to help you discover the best option to help you prevent foreclosure.
We understand that when you are behind on your mortgage payments and potentially facing foreclosure it can be stressful and frightening especially if you don’t know the procedure and what to expect. Home Believers would like to try to minimize that stress by helping you understand the process and also help you understand your options.

Let Home Believers take care of your Home

You are not alone! Pre-pandemic every three months at least 250,000 properties entered into the foreclosure process. Now, post pandemic (if you are ready to say “post” pandemic) it’s speculated the numbers will be even higher. The difference is you will have a company that will guide and help you understand the process in your state. Not only will we give you guidance we will make sure you understand your options.

Fix Now,


Handyman repairs



Deep cleaning


Roof repairs




Counter replacements

Cabinet refinishing

Flooring updates


Tile reglazing

Window replacements


Backsplash installation


Kitchen remodels

Bathroom remodels

Wall removal

Basement refinishing

Bathroom additions

Roof replacements

Decks and fences

New flooring throughout


''Home Believers helped us repaint the inside of our house and repair some damaged siding so that we could sell our house by almost $10K over list price. They provided the capital investment we didn't immediately have and they even let us choose our own contractors for the work. Thanks to Home Believers we were able to sell our house for more than we asked for, and we were able to repay them when we closed on the sale of our house. It was a seamless and painless process like they promised. Call Home Believers if you need help getting the most value out of your home.''
John C
'''We want to thank Home Believers for helping us with exterior repairs. They also assisted in helping us get a pod to store our belongings while moving, which was a life saver.. Thanks to Home Believers' assistance, we were able to sell our house without the listing even hitting the market! We were able to repay Home Believers at closing, so we had no upfront costs. Thank you Home Believers I would recommend them to everybody!''
Andrew Z


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